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       Betaine (CAPB)

  • Chemical Formula C19H38N2O3
  • Its molar mass is 342.524 g/mol
  • Known as MVeterik and PB4
  • Pale yellow liquid, sometimes colorless watery in shape and little viscous, its density is close to that of water


 Texabone or lauryl ether sodium sulfate

  • Chemical formula NaC12H25SO4
  • Known as SLES
  • It dissolves easily in any proportion of water. Has good stability in hard water.
  • It is the most surface-effective type of anionic sulfate used in high-strength synthetic detergents
  • Foam product and atomization accelerator
  • Storage duration: It can be stored for a year under normal conditions. It is advisable to keep it away from freezing.


Chlorine CL2 (Chlorine)

  • Light yellow-green liquid, with strong odor and toxic gases
  • Chlorine is a very strong oxidant that combines with almost all the constituent elements, to form chloride compounds.
  • Uses: Petroleum products Water treatment Production of paper  products  Disinfectants Dyes  and colorants  Food  pesticides Plastic paints Medicines Textiles, solvents and others
  • Warnings: Chlorine irritates the respiratory system and causes swelling of the mucous membranes in its gaseous state , while in its liquid state it causes varying skin burns.


Cumberlan Cocoamide diethanolamine

  • Cocamide diethanolamine (DEA (Cocamide ethanolamine)
  • Yellow or yellowish-brown liquid, acidity (PH of 8-10) of coconut oil derivatives, used in the manufacture of detergents
  • Cosmetics, skin care products, hair dyes and animal care products
  • Kimberlain is a surfactant, non-ionizing surfactant and anti-stress active material that increases and stabilizes foam.

It increases texture, viscosity, moisturizing the skin and emulsifying agent.


     Sodium hydroxide Costic NaOH



         Sulfonic acid


Concentrated perfumes

  1. Lavender perfume
  2. Lemon fragrance
  3. Dove Perfume
  4. Coconut perfume
  5. Pressed perfume


Concentrated perfumes

  1. Apple perfume
  2. FA perfume
  3. Blue pigment
  4. Green dye
  5. Yellow pigment
  6. Floral tint