Technical details and methods of use
  • At the first use, make sure that you do not have any allergic reaction to any of the components of the liquid by applying a small amount on the skin and monitor it for a minute. If any allergic reaction such as irritation or redness appears, please stop use.
  • Scrape the food.
  • Put a few drops of cleaning liquid on the jelly loofah and immerse in water.
  • Wash utensils under water.
  • Wash off all foam and residue.
  • Keep away from children.
  • If it touches the eye, please wash it well.
  • Valid for external use only
  • Keep it away from sunlight.

750 ml – 5 L – 30 L

  • The percentage of active ingredient from 6% to 28% according to the customer’s need
  • Moisturizers for hands
  • Foam booster (foam helps remove dirt and makes it easier to rinse dishes)
  • Cleaning power (ability to break down fat and remove stubborn stains)
  • Skin Safe: Can be used on a daily basis
  • Acceptable and refreshing aromatic scent
  • Different weights 750 ml – 5 kg – 30 kg
  • Quality and Effectiveness Assurance
  • Viscosity varies depending on temperatures (especially between summer and winter)
  • In the event of allergy symptoms, you must stop using the product