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Royal Detergent Manufacturing Company is honored to be the leading company in the field of manufacturing high-quality detergents and innovation We are committed to providing exceptional cleaning products that meet the needs of customers and achieve the highest levels of quality.

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Our Products:

Our products are characterized by high quality and efficiency in cleaning. We offer a comprehensive range of diverse and innovative detergents that meet the various needs of customers. Whether you are looking for general surface cleaners, special cleaning products for kitchens and bathrooms, or even clothing care products, we offer you the perfect solutions

Our history

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Royal Detergent Manufacturing Company was established in (1990) and since then.

we have been keen to excel in the detergent industry and achieve an outstanding reputation in the market.

Thanks to our deep experience and experience gained over the years,

we now enjoy a strong position as a leader and trusted company in the industry.

Quality is our motto

Your satisfaction is our Priority

Quality & Innovation:

At Royal Detergent Industry, we put quality and innovation at the heart of our business. We rely on state-of-the-art technologies and stringent quality standards in manufacturing processes, providing high-quality components to ensure outstanding performance. We continuously invest in R&D for continuous improvement and development of our products to meet customer aspirations.

Social responsibility is our duty

Your satisfaction is our Priority

Sustainability and Social Responsibility:

We believe in the importance of sustainability and environmental preservation. Therefore, we strive to develop and use environmentally friendly technologies and formulations free of harmful substances. We also work to achieve social responsibility by supporting community initiatives and contributing to improving lives in the communities in which we operate.

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Your Happiness Is Our Frist Priority

If you are looking for high-quality cleaning products and a reliable company, we are here to serve you. Join the Royal Detergent Manufacturing family and benefit from our expertise and outstanding products.

our team

Our team is composed of the most skilled and best teams in the world

The Royal Detergent Manufacturing team is one of our most important assets. So we invested and we are still investing in them

We include a dedicated team of experts and professionals in their fields, who work hard to ensure that the best products and services are provided to our customers.

Dr. Mansour Awad

Entrepreneur since 2007 General Manager

Eng. Adnan Oglu

Chemical Engineer Thirty years of experience in the detergent industry Production Manager and Quality Control